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Regensburg; 9th Forum BPW Danube ne,t November 2014. Part 2PW Pul

After Salzburg, must admit, a little bit frozen, we continued to Regensburg. We passed through Ulm, in the  evening

Ulm  and reached Regensburg late in the night.

Nakon obilaska Salzburga, već pomalo i promrzle, u udobnom autobusu Birikine,  nastavili smo putovanje prema Regensburgu. Ulm, grad na Dunavu, odakle je i rijeka plovna,  u pravilu smo prespavale, podsjetimo se samo da je to grad u kojem je rođen Albert Einstein, 1879. i Erwin Romme,l Heindenheimu kraj Ulma,1891.

Regen, pritoka Dunava. The town raised on the is a city in south-east Germany situated at the confluence of the Danube, Naab and Regen River. Kelts name Radasbona was the oldest given name, to a settlement near the present city.
Around AD 90, the Romans built a fort there, named Castra Regina, and the town is growing up. Lets visit Regensburg vith my photos.

The entrance in the town.

On the Regen river bank.
Every house painted in another colour.  .... to be continued

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Galway - Second part.

The time always over passed me, but don't worry, I have time. Today is the longest day, and the shortest night, it is the midsummer. Due to the legend, it's Litha to be celebrated, as the old Druids, Celtics done, and our ancestors all over the world. >Today is also the International music day,  so let's start.  After the afternoon excellent performance of Lady Ann Marie Horan,  back to the Victoria hotel, and preparing for the evening party at the Park House Restaurant.
A lot of positive energy, smile and good felling.

Alida, Patrizia, Milana, Delia......

Delia, Milana, Vesna, Alenka, Valerija i Tiziana.

Our hosts.

Images all around the tables during the dinner. All passed in excellent atmosphere.

Lorena Boljunčić.

Davorka, Loredana i Kotiga

Speech and exchanging the presents.

Ater all, on coming back to the hotel, all roads lead to Rome    ,,,, ops to pub .......and excellent Irish music, but don't worry, we have our Vesna
The night was short, like now, but  never mind,  the Cliffs of Mohers are waiting us.... Unfortunately, the weather was not clement with us, but never mind, it is important to be there, to make images,  laugh, and frozen, but who care, that's life, Ireland and BPW brave, creative, happy entrepreneurs. 
Delia, Nada, Loredana, Vinka, Alida, Patrizia....

Vesna, Delia
+ Patrizija
We are turning left, right, but the wind was ruthless,
 and some more images ,  and it will ve enough for the Cliffs.
On the left side of the image, you can see two birds, and this is bluna,
Slikovni rezultat za the blue birds and the cliffs of mohers
Bluna or the Blue bird
 .We lefts  the Cliffs in their usual weather "performance", and turn back to the highway,  and Dublin. Well, for tonight is quite enough,  ......  to be continued. Since than, enjoy in images and long weekend.  

subota, 30. svibnja 2015.

Galway 21.05.2015. BPW.

We left Dublin in the morning. It was sunny, but since we arrived to Galway, it chanched a lot of time, but who care, we traveled in a comfortable bus, full of positive energy, smile and ......We traveled through well known Irish scenery, romantic, green lane,  cows, sheeps, ponies...Enjoy in images.
Irish scenery

and before Galway, the SaltHill promenade.

Girls, behind your back is the Atlantic ocean, the umbrela is useless. Let go to the Victoria hotel. I think, that's quite enough for the memory. And the official part of the day started.

At the Chamber of commerce.

Let's go to visit Galway. Situated on the river Chorrib, coming down from the lake Chorrib. Under the Chorrib bridges a lot of salmons are waiting to start their way to the Atlantic ocean. Behind my back
is the rest of the Spanish wall, builted on the place, where once were the docks. Behind this Arch, on the west coast of the river Chorrib ar the area called Claddah coming from AN Claddagh, and means "ravna kamenita pustinja". . From the Middle Ages, over this this wilde and independent fisherman comunity stayed the King, and the last one died in 1954. And the legend of the ring of Claddagh, comes from this area, protecting the love of the girls to their fisherman lovers, and the ring passed from the mother to the daughter. 

Two ladies in blue.

The Nora's Bernacle house. 
Sorry, Mrs. Nora, but the similarity with the Mr. James Joyce hat is simply random. No time for the

Sorry, Mrs. Bernacle , but the similarity with the Mr. James Joyce hat is simply random.

Concrete by Patrizia Milani.

Only passed by St. Nicolas Chatedral from 1965., and comes to the afternoon event and performance in honour of Mrs. Nora and Mr. James. 

All perfect, interesting. Again out on the rain, passing over the Eyre Square, and Victoria hotel. It's time to rest and preparing for the evening gala event in the Park House Restaurant....... to be continued.

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Five days in Ireland. BPW Pula Croatia. 20.05.2015. County of Wicklow. Glendalough - Walley of two lakes. Powerscourt and gardens.

Yesterday we finished the day with Trinity college.
The weather was very  changeable. The most interesting thing in the college are The Book of Kells,
sometimes known as the Book of Columba., due to the St. Columban, abbot, well known as a Founder of many monasteries all over Europe, like Bobbio, Italy, where he died in 616.  Illuminated manuscript, Gospel book,  in the Latin language, containing the four Gosplels of the New Testament, together with various prefatory texts and tables. It was created in an Columban monastery in either Britain or Ireland, or may have had contribution from various Columban institutions from both Britain and Ireland. The text is drown from the Vulgata, and Vetus Latina. Western calligrafy and represents the pinnacle of Insular illumination. It is also widely regarded as Ireland's finest national treasure. Probably was written at Iona, then hidden to Kells,  as the Vikings were devastign the Ireland.
 As we know that the Celtic were well know abbots whom had pilgrimaged  and spoken about  Christianity. Due to this Celtic coming back to the old Europe, obligated me to return to the prehistoric iron age. As we know the Irish speak english and gaelic,  and the so called proto gaelic. According  to a theory proposed in the 19th century, the first people to adopt cultural characteristics regarded as Celtic were the people of the Iron Age Hallstatt culture in Central  Europe (near Salzburg) (c. 800–450 BC), named for the rich grave finds in Hallstatt, Austria and later La Tene period (Switzland), (c.450 BC up to Roman conquest), this Celtic culture was supposed to have expanded by diffusion and migration all over the Europe, and to the British Isle - Insular Celts, France and Gauls, Bohemia, Poland, Central Europe, Iberian Peninsula - Celtiberians, Celtici, Lusitanians and Gallaeci, in Italy Canegrate, Golassecans nd Cisalpine Gauls, and the invasions of the Balka in 279 BC , as far east as central  Anatolia - Galatians. And now some images how we spend the our second day in Ireland. Images is better "speaker" then me.
The typical tower in Glendalough .
The most sure place for hiding the monastic writings, the vikings are in front of the doors.
The tower at  its height and graves.
The lane and the black crow.
The main entrance.
Coming back from the Glendalough
Inside of the Dodaj naslov
Behind the Wicklow hilss.
Just a look to the  Shopping" town. and coming back to the hotel, as the duty is calling us. 
All together.  with Mrs.

Paulom Fitzsimmons (email: paula@goingforgrowth.com ) , nacionalnom direktoricom projekta Going for Growth, irskom koordinatoricom za GEM projekt, i počasnom ambasadorcom ženskog podzetništva, na temu opće projektne suradnje poslovnih žena Irske i Hrvatske www.goingforgrowth.com

Nada, Loredana, Elida and Mrs. Jasna Ognjanovac 
Mrs. Jasna Ognjanovac, the Croatian Ambassador in Ireland with Mrs. Alida Perkov, the President of BPW. Pula.

Gospodin   Željko Jurilj,  Thermopoint Ltd. Cappoquin,  preporučen od strane HTZ kao potencijalni trgovac malih serija hrvatskih proizvoda.

Tomorow Galway.

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