nedjelja, 21. lipnja 2015.

Galway - Second part.

The time always over passed me, but don't worry, I have time. Today is the longest day, and the shortest night, it is the midsummer. Due to the legend, it's Litha to be celebrated, as the old Druids, Celtics done, and our ancestors all over the world. >Today is also the International music day,  so let's start.  After the afternoon excellent performance of Lady Ann Marie Horan,  back to the Victoria hotel, and preparing for the evening party at the Park House Restaurant.
A lot of positive energy, smile and good felling.

Alida, Patrizia, Milana, Delia......

Delia, Milana, Vesna, Alenka, Valerija i Tiziana.

Our hosts.

Images all around the tables during the dinner. All passed in excellent atmosphere.

Lorena Boljunčić.

Davorka, Loredana i Kotiga

Speech and exchanging the presents.

Ater all, on coming back to the hotel, all roads lead to Rome    ,,,, ops to pub .......and excellent Irish music, but don't worry, we have our Vesna
The night was short, like now, but  never mind,  the Cliffs of Mohers are waiting us.... Unfortunately, the weather was not clement with us, but never mind, it is important to be there, to make images,  laugh, and frozen, but who care, that's life, Ireland and BPW brave, creative, happy entrepreneurs. 
Delia, Nada, Loredana, Vinka, Alida, Patrizia....

Vesna, Delia
+ Patrizija
We are turning left, right, but the wind was ruthless,
 and some more images ,  and it will ve enough for the Cliffs.
On the left side of the image, you can see two birds, and this is bluna,
Slikovni rezultat za the blue birds and the cliffs of mohers
Bluna or the Blue bird
 .We lefts  the Cliffs in their usual weather "performance", and turn back to the highway,  and Dublin. Well, for tonight is quite enough,  ......  to be continued. Since than, enjoy in images and long weekend.  


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