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Regensburg, Walhalla, Munchen second part

Alumneum, The word “Alumneum” was used for Protestant religious schools that emerged out of former monasteries. This building still houses a religious fellowship. In Alemneum we attended the official part of the venue.  As always the Croatia delegation was the largest  among the all of  the present participant. 
We are here with a smiles, full of positive energy and a lot of new ideas and wishes ...... because we are the WOMEN

During the break.  Nives. Loredana M. Laura.
 Alida Perkov, the president of the BPW Danube net. Dragica Lukin, pastry chef.
 How to be always young ... with cream beauty helps with Naturalissima and Blanka.
 From Peroj and Villa Loredana, and  Fitoaroma Vodnjan.
Again Fitoaroma.
With Chef.

Two blondies, Patrizia the big boss in the concrete building elements, and Alenka, excelent tour operator and owner of Birikina travel agency. 
Marija Ribarić, Nives, Dragica, Darinka and Nela.
Alida and Marija.

The Rathaus doorway, the ornate Gothic arch on the right above.    
The  measurements that the merchants of Regensburg used; these were the legal definitions of a foot (the shoe-shaped thing), a cubit (the medium strip), and a fathom (the long strip). Regensburg traded with Venice, which wasn’t part of the Holy Roman Empire and had its own and Venice has her own measurements.
                                                                                         Regensburg has a very interesting political history. During the middle age was a "free imperial city, and subject only to the Holy Roman Emperor.
  From 1663 it was the permanent seat of the Perpetual Diet of Regensburg, the Holy Roman Empire’sequivalent of the modern Reichstag.  In the evening as the guests in the Rathaus and the Burgermeister.                                                                   The Gotic doorway on the Rathaus.

 Inside of the Rathaus.

A minority of the population remained  Roman Catholic, and Roman Catholics were denied civil rights (Bürgerrecht). But the town of Regensburg must not be confused with the Bishopric of Regensburg. Although the Imperial city had adopted the Reformation, the town remained the seat of a Roman Catholic bishop and several abbeys.. Three of the latter, St. Emmeram, Niedermünster and Obermünster, were estates of their own within the Holy Roman Empire, meaning that they were granted a seat and a vote at the Imperial Diet (Reichstag). So there was the unique situation that the town of Regensburg comprised five independent "states" (in terms of the Holy Roman Empire): the Protestant city itself, the Roman Catholic bishopric, and the three monasteries (mentioned previously). In addition, it was seen as the traditional capital of the region Bavaria (not the state), acted as functional co-capital of the Empire (second to the Emperor's court at Vienna) due to the presence of the Perpetual Diet, and it was residence of the Emperor's Commissary-Principal to the same diet, who with one very brief exception was a prince himself (longstandingly the Prince Thurn and Taxis, still resident in the town). (from Internet)

Mrs. Alida Perkov and the  Mayor. 
 Mrs. Arzu Ozyol from Turkey.
 Loredana, Jelena and Danijela
........... soon the rest , because I have  too much nice photos and memories to share with you. 
Thanks for all comments here or on the Facebook. 

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Regensburg; 9th Forum BPW Danube ne,t November 2014. Part 2PW Pul

After Salzburg, must admit, a little bit frozen, we continued to Regensburg. We passed through Ulm, in the  evening

Ulm  and reached Regensburg late in the night.

Nakon obilaska Salzburga, već pomalo i promrzle, u udobnom autobusu Birikine,  nastavili smo putovanje prema Regensburgu. Ulm, grad na Dunavu, odakle je i rijeka plovna,  u pravilu smo prespavale, podsjetimo se samo da je to grad u kojem je rođen Albert Einstein, 1879. i Erwin Romme,l Heindenheimu kraj Ulma,1891.

Regen, pritoka Dunava. The town raised on the is a city in south-east Germany situated at the confluence of the Danube, Naab and Regen River. Kelts name Radasbona was the oldest given name, to a settlement near the present city.
Around AD 90, the Romans built a fort there, named Castra Regina, and the town is growing up. Lets visit Regensburg vith my photos.

The entrance in the town.

On the Regen river bank.
Every house painted in another colour.  .... to be continued

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Galway - Second part.

The time always over passed me, but don't worry, I have time. Today is the longest day, and the shortest night, it is the midsummer. Due to the legend, it's Litha to be celebrated, as the old Druids, Celtics done, and our ancestors all over the world. >Today is also the International music day,  so let's start.  After the afternoon excellent performance of Lady Ann Marie Horan,  back to the Victoria hotel, and preparing for the evening party at the Park House Restaurant.
A lot of positive energy, smile and good felling.

Alida, Patrizia, Milana, Delia......

Delia, Milana, Vesna, Alenka, Valerija i Tiziana.

Our hosts.

Images all around the tables during the dinner. All passed in excellent atmosphere.

Lorena Boljunčić.

Davorka, Loredana i Kotiga

Speech and exchanging the presents.

Ater all, on coming back to the hotel, all roads lead to Rome    ,,,, ops to pub .......and excellent Irish music, but don't worry, we have our Vesna
The night was short, like now, but  never mind,  the Cliffs of Mohers are waiting us.... Unfortunately, the weather was not clement with us, but never mind, it is important to be there, to make images,  laugh, and frozen, but who care, that's life, Ireland and BPW brave, creative, happy entrepreneurs. 
Delia, Nada, Loredana, Vinka, Alida, Patrizia....

Vesna, Delia
+ Patrizija
We are turning left, right, but the wind was ruthless,
 and some more images ,  and it will ve enough for the Cliffs.
On the left side of the image, you can see two birds, and this is bluna,
Slikovni rezultat za the blue birds and the cliffs of mohers
Bluna or the Blue bird
 .We lefts  the Cliffs in their usual weather "performance", and turn back to the highway,  and Dublin. Well, for tonight is quite enough,  ......  to be continued. Since than, enjoy in images and long weekend.  


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