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Five days in Ireland. BPW Pula Croatia. Bloomsday. 110 years ago James Joyce and Pula. Bloomsday.

Slikovni rezultat za james joyce pula At the start.
Terace of Coffee bar Uliks in Pula, where Mr. Joyce are sitting very comfortably, and the house where Mr. Joyce tought  English the Austro Hungarian Naval officers. In that time there was a school named The Berlitz school of Languages Pula.
 My dear Dubliner's ,  permit me to convey you the greetings from Mr. Joyce, with whom I had taken a spiritual coffee on the terace of coffee Bar Uliks, at Pula, from where I'm coming, with other members of the  BPW Pula, guided by Mrs. Alida Perkov, the president of and president of the forum and on invitation and cooperation of the President BPW Ireland , Mrs Carmen Taheny.
 He is sitting there,  always with cheerful spirit, looking on the passers-by, in their promenade or in rush under the Arch of the Sergii., and  further down the eponymous street to  the Forum Square,  and to the Coffee Miramare on the promenade in the Pulas harbour.

Sorry, Mr. Joyce, time takes its toll, we can't do nothing, just to enjoy in what  is there and what makes us happy
You are still young, as you were in the  1904. when you joined Pula with your beloved Mrs. Nora Bernacle.  Pula greeted you cold, as usually are the "siberian" winters, althought   the autumn even starts. 
Your novels, poetry are still here, we read them,  commenting  and mentioned them. In that way you are here with us already 110 years.  In that time you were well known writer, some of your novels you had finished, some of them you started to write here in Pula, for some of them you had only put down few ideas, and some of them sleept in your mind, waiting the right moment to be realized. And now it's the time to start. 
 Slikovni rezultat za james joyce pulaThe Berlitz School of Languages Pula.
19.05. 2015. The fly from Pula to Dublin. 
Vesna. Patrizia. Alida and Manu. and flaying over Istra .


Ireland - an island in the North Atlantic. Ireland features coastal mountains in the west and interior agricultural lowlands, with numerous hills, lakes, rivers and bogs is the third islands. The St. George's Channel and Irish Sea on the north are between the island United  Kingdom on the east. The west coast are opened to the Atlantic Ocean, and on the south is Celtic Sea. 

Over the Irish sea, Dublin.
Dublin - bus tour. The Liffey river.
SANDYMOUNT HOTEL.  ..... to be continued. Please don't mind me,  mistakes will be removed during the next reportage, every day one day in Ireland. In the meantime, overpassed it. 

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