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Galway 21.05.2015. BPW.

We left Dublin in the morning. It was sunny, but since we arrived to Galway, it chanched a lot of time, but who care, we traveled in a comfortable bus, full of positive energy, smile and ......We traveled through well known Irish scenery, romantic, green lane,  cows, sheeps, ponies...Enjoy in images.
Irish scenery

and before Galway, the SaltHill promenade.

Girls, behind your back is the Atlantic ocean, the umbrela is useless. Let go to the Victoria hotel. I think, that's quite enough for the memory. And the official part of the day started.

At the Chamber of commerce.

Let's go to visit Galway. Situated on the river Chorrib, coming down from the lake Chorrib. Under the Chorrib bridges a lot of salmons are waiting to start their way to the Atlantic ocean. Behind my back
is the rest of the Spanish wall, builted on the place, where once were the docks. Behind this Arch, on the west coast of the river Chorrib ar the area called Claddah coming from AN Claddagh, and means "ravna kamenita pustinja". . From the Middle Ages, over this this wilde and independent fisherman comunity stayed the King, and the last one died in 1954. And the legend of the ring of Claddagh, comes from this area, protecting the love of the girls to their fisherman lovers, and the ring passed from the mother to the daughter. 

Two ladies in blue.

The Nora's Bernacle house. 
Sorry, Mrs. Nora, but the similarity with the Mr. James Joyce hat is simply random. No time for the

Sorry, Mrs. Bernacle , but the similarity with the Mr. James Joyce hat is simply random.

Concrete by Patrizia Milani.

Only passed by St. Nicolas Chatedral from 1965., and comes to the afternoon event and performance in honour of Mrs. Nora and Mr. James. 

All perfect, interesting. Again out on the rain, passing over the Eyre Square, and Victoria hotel. It's time to rest and preparing for the evening gala event in the Park House Restaurant....... to be continued.

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